Hardeko is a photography, design, building and  construction company. We carry out both small and larger projects abroad and in Sweden.  Our specialty is to use nature and art in our creations.
The owner Geert Weggen is a trained photographer, mason, carpenter and tiler.  Almost all images and designs on the webpage are made by Hardeko.

The company is based in Bispgården, Ragunda Community , Jämtland, Sweden.

We have a valid F-tax certificate and therefore you may apply for tax credits (“rotavdrag”) on all our housing work!


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Geert Weggen has educated as a photographer and has won many awards nationally and internationally. Most photos are inspired by nature. He has been published in several books, internet, television and newspapers. Some photos are displayed on Shutterstock and other stock companies.

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Teaching You The Alphabet

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These books have many awarded squirrel photos. These stories are told through the eyes of a female squirrel.
In a creative way Geert Weggen let a female squirrel speak and make the stories of the photos sometimes hilarious. 
No way that you can hold your laughing while reading this book. 
It is written for all ages and it is a treasure to have.
All photos come directly out of the lens. There is no Photoshop used to bring in new elements. 


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Geert Weggen has produced 8 different postcards who can be ordered

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Hardeko is inspired by nature.  Unusual materials sometimes give the most amazing results. We make our design and structures unique and personal.



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We build almost anything. Several related videos can be viewed on www.youtube.com (search: hardeko or geertweggen).


“Besides quality and knowledge, Hardeko uses creativity and inspiration. The job must be interesting and call for creativity and challenge.  Hardeko is a company that you can rely on. We will do what we promise.




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Bispgården Sverige

Phone: +46 (0)768492056

Article about Geert Weggen

byAndrea Ivares Berglind


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With us, you can do workshops how to build projects. Beside this, we focus on personal development.


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